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Owner Alan Story.

With many years of education, training, and experience, I am honest, caring, responsible, and diligent in resolving your electrical needs. I deliver quality business relations, quality workmanship with solutions that comply with Natiional Electrical Code, Local Code, and your requirements at a reasonable cost.


The IEEE, (The Institute for Electrical Engineers and Electronic Engineers certification for National Electrical Code.

Silicon Valley College Auto-CAD Archetectural Design Drafting.

Technician Specialist rating at BOMI/SMA (Building Owners and Maintenance Institute)(Systems Maintenance Association). Basic Mathmatics. Boilers & Heating Systems. Refrigeration Systems and Accessaries. Air Handling. Water Treatment and Plumbing. Electrical Systems and Illumination. Control Systems. Buiding Design and Maintenance.

Wright State University Maintaning and Troubleshooting Electrical Equipment.

University of California Industrial Waste Water Treatment.

University of Santa Clara Refrigeration Service Engineers Society Carrier Service.

San Jose Regional Vocational Center. DC Theory. AC Theory. AC/DC Measurements. Solid State Controls.

University of Idaho Grounding for AC & DC Electrical Distribution Systems. Power Quality. Advanced Power Quality.

Electro-Test Inc. Ground Fault Protection for Low Voltage Systems. Electrical Apparatus Maintenance & Testing. Electrical Diagram Analysis. Electrical Safety.

Square D Power Logic University of Power Monitoring and Control Systems.

University of the State of New York American Management Association for Project Management.

Other Qualifications;

I worked at managing Semi-Conductor Fabrication and Office Buildings in the Facilities Electrical and Engineering Departments for 21 years.

I maintained and modified building support and manufacturing systems including but not limited to the following;

All Electrical Distributions and Control Systems.

Emergency Generator Instalations, Distributions, Generator Maintenance, and Load Bank Installation and Testing.

Fire and Life Safety Systems.

Toxic Gas Ordinance Monitoring and Control Systems.

Waste Treatment Systems.

Semi-Conductor Fab remodels and equipment installations.

I designed and built monitoring, alarm, and back up control systems for redundant motor operations.